Michelle Waterson says she can beat Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Michelle Waterson aka The Karate Hottie spoke to Submission Radio about the woman with the hardest name to spell Joanna Jedrzejczyk aka Joanna kjndns,mdngviowejnhtnmv when I try to spell it. Joanna is the UFC strawweight champion and has defended the belt once since winning it. Michelle is a former atomweight, one weight class below strawweight, and … Read more

Nick Diaz gets jail time homie

UFC fighter Nick Diaz agreed to a plea agreement on Monday, which thankfully will avoid a lengthy jail sentence. Stockton 209, what? WHAT?! Diaz was in a San Joaquin County Court room facing DUI-related charges. He was there because of arrests in September of 2014 and also November of the previous year. Both of these arrests took place … Read more

Posting Trolls: Tuff_Enuff_Toft is at it again for UFC 189

Trolls are one of my favorite groups of people on the planet. They take the opposite stance to the obvious and support anything that isn’t popular opinion. They make wild accusations and flaunt their opinions as truths. More than likely they know or know someone who knows the inner corrupt workings of the UFC and … Read more

Amy Schumer in bed with R2D2, dons Leia’s metal bikini for GQ

    Amy Schumer is funny – and kinda hot. The popular 34 year old comedian has jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon and taken some pretty humorous photos for GQ magazine. She dons Leia’s famous slave bikini from Return of the Jedi and ends up in bed with C3PO and R2D2.     Please … Read more

Fedor un-retires, first call out already incoming

Ladies and gents one of the best in the universe is stepping back in to the cage.  Just in case you missed Jack Bratcher’s post on Fedor coming out of retirement here is the link. It was almost instaneous that someone stepped up and called him out on their official website. Who is crazy enough to … Read more