Luke Rockhold on Lyoto Machida and having big balls

Luke Rockhold has perhaps the biggest challenge of his career so far in Lyoto Machida. The pair square off this Saturday in New Jersey. Luke is aware that he is in for a night of potential frustrations and possibly digging deeper in to his skill set than ever before. He says what he needs are … Read more

Posting Trolls: TNCclubman says UFC protects American champs, Boboplata2.0 agrees

I just…I have no idea where to begin. When you are on a forum so much that it dominates your life you become part of the collective paranoia and conspiracies brewing within. The trolls in question today lurk in the same semi-popular website’s forums as marvin destin. They are all trolls and both instant comedy … Read more

Heyman Hustle drops Lesnar “Suplex City B*tch” rap video

After Brock Lesnar uttered the now famous “Suplex City Bitch” to roman Reigns during their Wrestlemania main event Paul Heyman aka HeymanHustle on Youtube drops this ridiculous remix. It’s appropriately called “Suplex City Bitch” and it features those words, Lesnar kicking ass, and a rapper bragging about Brock’s ferocity. [youtube=] Please like & share:

Posting Trolls: This week’s troll marvin destin hates “Honda Lousey”

Welcome, welcome to the first edition of Posting Trolls! What we at PMN love more than almost anything is to read some dumb ass comments on MMA forums. Some of them contain some gems of ultimate trolldom and we like to bring them from their forum dwelling caves in to the light. This week we … Read more