Superman V. Batman trailer 2 officially released *VIDEO*

Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice looks to be shaping up nicely and this trailer reveals how dark this picture is in terms of story and tone. How even will the fight be? Probably unrealistically even or Batman getting the upper hand. Let’s face it though- the kryptonite glove fight theory Bat’s fan boys cling … Read more

Force Awakens trailer meets Disney Cartoon parody

San Diego Comic Con is in full swing and Star Wars is DOMINATING the discussions. The Force Awakens may open in December, but people are talking like it is opening tomorrow. There is a lot of excitement to say the least, especially when the first trailer arrived….   There were many parodies, but this one … Read more

Pics of Vinny Mac’s rules for WWE announcers leaked

Another leak of WWE materials surfaces and this time it’s Vince McMahon’s rules for ringside commentators and announcers. A Squared Circle user has posted eight pages of what looks to be real instructions and rules given to WWE announcers a few years ago. This is about everything from how they should dress down to specific phrases … Read more

Costas Philippou drop from UFC rankings revealed

Costas Philippou vanishes from UFC rankings. Film at 11. ****It was confirmed on July 7th that Philippou was retiring. This was after this article was written. Earlier in the day, he made his Twitter account private, with an avatar that read “THIS ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER IN SERVICE. PLEASE UNFOLLOW.” The UFC then confirmed via Twitter … Read more

3 Most epic quad tears in WWE history

I take NO pleasure in watching an athlete hurt themselves, but sometimes the memory of them lingers. Occasionally, an injury spawns a one of the greatest memes in wrestling history. The Kevin Nash quad tear meme is widely known. Check out one of my favorites.   Here are three of the most unforgettable quad muscle tears … Read more