Triple H reacts to friend Scott Hall’s death

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and X-Pac made up one of if not the most notorious backstage groups in pro wrestling history while in WWE. They were called ’The Kliq’ because they were always together and allegedly always getting in to trouble. They are now without one member. Scott Hall aka Razor … Read more

Kevin Nash reveals Scott Hall to be taken off life support

Pro wrestling legend Scott Hall has been on life support after suffering three heart attacks due to complications from a surgery. While fans have been praying and sending good thoughts it looks like things are not going to have a happy ending. Scott’s real life best friend and fellow wrestling legend Kevin Nash revealed on … Read more

Wrestling: Scott Hall on life support

Absolute legend of professional wrestling Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon is reportedly on life support. He had hip replacement surgery and suffered complications from a blood clot leading to his current situation. The report states that Hall has suffered three heart attacks and had to be placed on life support.

More as it develops…

VIDEO: Scott Hall buries Virgil to his face for convention merchandise sales

Remember Virgil? He was Ted Dibiase’s bodyguard in WWE in the 1980’s, eventually turning on him and enjoying a brief bit of popularity and fame. He would later appear in WCW in the 90’s as Vincent with the NWO. Since then he has become a meme as ‘lonely Virgil’  with an entire website devoted to … Read more

Scott Hall on Sting’s misuse, the forced Reigns push, and more

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard website. He touched on a number of things, but the first and foremost was his career. WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard website. The full interview is at this link. … Read more

Diamond Dallas Page talks about his surprise appearance at WWE Royal Rumble 2015

It’s been 13 years since Diamond Dallas Page participated in a WWE Royal Rumble match. But Sunday night, at the ripe old age of 58 (turns 59 on April 5) DDP made a surprise appearance as a contestant in the 2015 Royal Rumble and even landed a Diamond Cutter on Stardust, and another off the … Read more