Carlos Condit says he may retire after UFC 195 war with Robbie Lawler

Could Carlos Condit really retire after that amazing performance against Robbie Lawler last night in the UFC 195 main event? That’s the word after the two had one of the best rounds in UFC history to close out the first Pay-Per-View card of 2016. We here at PMN had Condit winning. Dana White even said he … Read more

UFC 88: Breakthrough – CompuStrike Stats

Most of us know by now the fight results for UFC 88:  Breakdown, but let’s take a look inside the numbers with our content partner CompuStrike.

CompuStrike Results for Evans vs Liddell held in Atlanta on 09/06/2008:

Winner: Rashad Evans by KO rd. 2

Inside the Numbers: Liddell won a fairly uneventful first round, landing 10 of 36 total strikes to 10 of 27 for Evans, who kept the Ice Man on his toes in pursuit.  Between rounds, Evans’ coaches confirmed their gameplan seemed to be working by frustrating Liddell and causing him to chase Evans.   Capitalizing upon the Iceman’s hot pursuit and lowered left hand, Evans threw a huge over hand right that connected on his opponent’s chin, turned his lights out and laid the former light heavyweight champion face down in the Octagon.

Some have criticized Liddell saying he has become one-dimensional and the fact that he attempted just three leg strikes and zero takedowns does land some credence to that argument.

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