This is what happens when a bad auctioneer, a blender, and a ring announcer have a kid

I feel soooo good about myself right now. I have been event announcing since 2000 and even with positive feedback I still think I suck. At least I used to. The guy in the following video is what happens when a psychotic, blender scorched throated auctioneer likely on something coupled with a burning desire to … Read more

Hardrock MMA holding special 10 year anniversary event

One of the longest running regional promotions in the country is about to turn ten years old. Former and future Bellator and UFC fighters have stepped in and out of its cages along the way. Owned and operated by pioneers Vanessa and Brandon ‘Hardrock’ Higdon, Hardrock MMA has become the go to place for competitors … Read more

Ring Announcer Mike Markham To Be The Voice Of The MMA Power Tour

Professional Ring Announcer Mike Markham has agreed to be the voice of the MMA Power Tour. The Tour is scheduled to begin December 3rd in San Jose, Costa Rica and will add no less than 16 international mixed martial arts shows to Markham’s increasingly busy schedule over the next 24 months.