Brazilian MMA legend Master Rickson Gracie coming to One Spirit Martial Arts Gym in Sterling March 31

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Expert Making First Area Appearance at Gym’s Grand Opening Launch Sterling, VA (March 29, 2010) – Master Rickson Gracie, one of the most respected and accomplished Mixed Martial Arts fighters/instructors in the world from the legendary Brazilian Gracie family, will make his very first Washington, D.C. area appearance on Wednesday, March 31. Gracie … Read more

You never met a fighter like this: Shawn Hammonds – a interview

Only Nashville could produce someone like Shawn Hammonds. Aside from being a BJJ black belt, a Pan American grappling champion, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor at Nashville MMA, Shawn is also a successful country music recording artist with Country Thunder Records. After years of grappling competitions and teaching jiu-jitsu, he will  make  his pro MMA … Read more

The loss of a pioneer – Helio Gracie passes away in Brazil

 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu founder and grandmaster, Helio Gracie has died. released a statement this morning stating,”At 95 years of age, the great icon and one of those most responsible for Jiu-Jitsu’s success in Brazil and the world died this morning at home in the district of Itaipava, in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro.”

Lets take this time to look back at the legend that is Helio Gracie. The younger brother of Carlos Gracie, Helio’s initial foray into martial arts consisted of him watching studiously from the side as his older brother was taught the traditional art of Jiu Jitsu from the Japanese champion Conde Koma.

Being a man of frail statue, Helio did not have the physical attributes to consistently train with his older brother. So Helio, ever the innovator, began to take the techniques he saw his brother practicing and began to modify these techniques to his frail frame. As such, modern Gracie Jiu Jitsu was born.

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Historic MMA Rivalries, part 3: Brazil vs. Japan

Kimura vs. Gracie

Brazil vs Japan

For many years, two countries have been represented well by their native sons in the sport of mixed martial arts. Each culture embodies the spirit and wisdom necessary to be successful in the sport, as well as helping it evolve over time. 

The roots of Brazil and Japan’s contributions to MMA runs far deeper then the sport’s short history of fifteen years. The art of Jiu-Jitsu had been developed in Japan during the Feudal period as a form of hand to hand combat for war. Centuries after its development, Jiu-Jitsu found its way to Brazil thanks to Mitsuyo Maeda.

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Lorenzo Fertitta wants Rickson Gracie to fight in the UFC

David Samuels has a great new interview with Lorenzo Fertitta in The Atlantic. He goes in-depth with the UFC co-owner and talks about everything from fighter salary, to how The Ultimate Fighter got started, and even issues a challenge to Rickson Gracie to get in the Octagon.

The Ultimate Fighter, now winding up its eighth season on Spike TV was a very important turning point in the history of the UFC. Lorenzo talks about how hard it was to even find a television station that was interested in airing the program, “We met with—you name it, MTV, CBS, ABC, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Spike, USA. We probably met with the Food Channel too. I don’t know. We met with everybody. And to a ‘t,’ every single person said this won’t work. Get out of my office. This is a joke. It’s boring.”

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Redbelt Review – Mamet’s take on the start of the UFC and the Gracie Family

By: Fast Eddie

I am back! I suffered 3 herniated discs during my last lesson in humility with Luke Stewart. The things I sacrifice for the readers of PROMMA. Due to that sacrifice, I have been unable to write, work, walk, or anything else that starts with a W. Alas, after physical therapy and a lot of pain medication, I have returned to health and to PROMMA. Now on to the subject at hand.

David Mamet’s latest work, Redbelt was recently released on DVD, and gives us a look into the life of Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor Mike Terry. The focus of this movie is the struggle that Terry faces between his belief structure as to what a fighter and martial artist should represent and providing for his family at the expense of those beliefs. To Mamet’s credit, he has studied BJJ for roughly 5 years under the tutelage of Renato Magno is Los Angeles. Magno is the first black belt under the legendary Rigan Machado. On top of that, Mamet is a well-respected writer in Hollywood circles and is known for his use of symbolism. It is this aspect of the film that I found very interesting.

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Great Deals on PRIDE FC DVDs

Just received this in the mail. It is PRIDE FC #1 – From The Tokyo Dome. I noticed on Amazon the other day that pretty much all of their PRIDE DVD’s were about half price. You can find new and used DVDs and get some really good deals. I also recently got some Rumble on … Read more