UFC 96 post-fight press conference & interview with Rampage (videos)

Will Rampage take his title shot in May?
Will Rampage take his title shot in May versus Rashad Evans?

From fighter interviews and previews, to the post-fight press conference and more, we here at PRO MMA (promma.info) bring UFC fans the most complete coverage possible of every UFC event. UFC 96 bonuses are announced and the fighters take questions from the media at the post-fight presser. UFC President, Dana White, expresses his displeasure about the late stoppage of the Pete Sell vs. Matt Brown fight and goes on to talk about MMA referees in general and who he thinks does an admirable job. Keith Jardine says that a referee told him after the fight he lost the decision in the last ten seconds. All this and much more…
UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE post-fight press conference part 1
UFC 96: JACKSON vs. JARDINE post-fight press conference part 2

Interview with Rampage and Evans vs. Rampage in-ring trash talk video after the jump…

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Dana White UFC 96 video blog #5

Here it is; PRO MMA (promma.info) is proud to feature the UFC President’s final video blog for UFC 96. Viewers get to see Dana and other people’s reaction at cage-side when the referee in the Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell fight stepped in to stop the fight for a TKO but then apparently changed his mind and allowed it to go on, and go on, and go on, while Sell continued to take enormous amounts of punishment.

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“Octagon”- a ProMMA.info book review

If you want a written history on the UFC then this is not the book for you. If you read at a 2nd grade level like “The Mad One”, then this book is a must have.  All kidding aside, “Octagon” is a virtual pictorial documentary of the plethora of legendary MMA fighters both past and current that have bravely graced the Octagon.  

Lorenzo Fertitta provides the introduction and explains how the book started as a project but quickly morphed into a life of it’s own.  Here is a short excerpt from his introduction:

“These photos, whether action or still shots, reflect drama, emotion, the heart and soul of what it takes to be a professional athlete in a sport that can leave you a completely different person, be it physically, financially, or emotionally.  The drama is the main reason why the before and after photos Kevin has assembled are so compelling.   As an active art collector, I can say these are some of the best art photos I have ever seen.”

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THE INFO episode 5 – PRO MMA podcast

Matt De La Rosa and Denny “The Mad One” Hodge were joined by PRO MMA staff writer, Jeff Howard. Jeff had been on the Affliction Conference call, along with Matt and provided his insight on Affliction 2. The guys broke down the UFC 92 card and gave their picks, talked Satoshi Ishii and all things … Read more

Dana White & UFC 92 fighters at the Video Game Awards

Spike TV hosted the 2008 Video Game Awards this past Sunday night. In honor of UFC 2009: Undisputed, Dana and the top fighters from UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 were there to unveil some never-before-seen footage from the highly anticipated game. Dana White and the Champs of UFC | Games & Gadgets | SPIKE.com Please … Read more

Anderson Silva Retiring And It’s Affect On The UFC

by:  Kelvin Hunt

Supposedly, UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva has told Brazilian cable channel SporTV, that he has “already gave his all and within one year will put aside his gloves.” If this quote is true, which so far has not been denied, it would be a sad day for many Spider Silva fans all around the world. He has cleared out the UFC middleweight division and tested the waters of the light heavyweight division with a first round KO of James Irvin.  However, there are at least five big fights I would love to see before Anderson Silva retires:

  • Anderson Silva vs. Chuck Liddell-Although Liddell is coming off a devastating KO loss to Rashad Evans…he is still a HUGE name in MMA.  That’s proven by over 4,000 people coming out in the Phillipines to see him work out as the UFC did some promotional touring in that country.
  • Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin-Griffen is arguably the best known fighter coming from the TUF show and is the current LHW champion.
  • Anderson Silva vs. “Rampage” Jackson-Jackson is the former LHW champion and a fan favorite
  • Anderson Silva vs. Randy Couture-I realize that Couture is currently fighting at HW, but he is the former LHW champion as well.  In fact, if he can’t get the Fedor fight done….why not fight the guy that’s right there with Fedor as the best P4P fighter in the world?
  • Anderson Silva vs. Cung Le-This fight would have to take place in California since that’s where the majority of Le’s fanbase resides.

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Dana White and other members of the UFC were at the Mall of America this week doing press for UFC 87.  Although Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is not fighting on this card, it seems Dana probably had  Quinton come along so everyone can see he’s doing fine, so he could answer some questions, and also probably … Read more

UFC 86: Post-Fight Press Conference Summary

by: jack Bratcher Forrest was noticeably missing as the UFC 86 post-fight presser bagan.  He was busy getting lots of stictches.  Dana was very pleased with the Jackson / Griffin fight and was also open to the idea of a rematch depending on how Rampage’s leg recoverss, how Forrest heals up and other considerations.  Rampage … Read more

Forrest Griffin Says There’s Alot of Pressure Going Into Upcoming Title Fight

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.614839&w=425&h=350&fv=uniqueVidID%3Df704c02b25a66f10bab4158071d408] more about “Forrest Griffin talks about fighting …“, posted with vodpod Please like & share:


by:  Jack Bratcher

Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera (Riddle=Team Rampage, Rivera=Team Forrest)
Round 1 – Dante comes out swingin and with a leg kick. Clinch against the cage. Knees to Riddle’s head within clinch. Elbow by Riddle.. Knees by both still clinched. Someone’s mouthpiece flew out; looks like Dante’s. Ref lets him put it back in. Restarts action. Two big swinging overhand lefts by Rivera that miss. Clinched against cage again.. Riddle with the plum. Riddle with underhooks. Knee by Dante to the head. Leg kick by Dante twice. Right hand by Riddle. Trip by Riddle gets Dante down and delivers elbows. Riddle backs up and the bell rings.

Round 2 – Takedown by Riddle. Side control but backs out and throws some leg kicks. Rivera on his back…Rivera stands up. Clinched against the cage. Foot stomps by Riddle. Knees by Riddle. Big overhand left by Dante. Misses and Riddle gets a takedown. Full mount by Riddle, Dante reverses it and escapes. Dante is now on top in Riddle’s full gaurd. Elbows by Riddle from the bottom. Riddle looks good from the bottom looking for a triangle. Holy shit. Elbows by Riddle into Dante’s ribs, still in the triangle. Dante finally gets out as bell rings. Fucking aye that was great. Dante is the jiu-jitsu specialist so that was extra sweet for Riddle.


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