John Wick’s action directors worked on Civil War, MMA action infused

John Wick starring Keanu Reeves was a hit with audiences, mainly because of its realistic fight scenes infused with MMA grit. According to Collider, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch were brought in for the action sequences of Captain America: Civil War to match the realism. Realism in a super hero movie? Kind of an oxymoron, but still here’s … Read more

WWE RAW ratings declining, overexposed top star returning to TV

The honeymoon is over for Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns. Despite fans getting some of what they want with AJ Styles, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and a few more, once the third hour hits with Roman Reigns as the main event ratings turn south. RAW had 3.128 million viewers, down from last week’s already low … Read more

RUMOR: WWE has zero plans to acknowledge Reigns rejection by fans

Well, it’s official. WWE is content for the ratings to continue to decline by shoving Roman Reigns further down our throats. Muted crowd booing, piped in cheers, and commentary that is trying so hard to sell him to us is laughable and is not working. Furthermore, Vince is said to be determined, no matter the … Read more

VIDEO: Diaz at UFC 200 presser, “I ain’t doing sh*** without McGregor”

Nate Diaz

In case you have been away from the internet you might have missed the drama surrounding Conor McGregor’s withdrawal from UFC 200. Nate Diaz, his intended opponent, has officially gone on vacation putting an end to speculation that it could happen. At the UFC 200 press conference Diaz spelled out his reasons for not competing against … Read more

McGregor Diaz 2 officially off UFC 200, Nate’s vacation is on

This week’s Conor McGregor drama continues. After refusing to leave Iceland last week to come do press ahead of his UFC 200 bout with Nate Diaz, Dana White yanked him from the card. Diaz, who lost alot of money from the cancellation, threatened to go on vacation as he originally planned if it looked like … Read more

Daniel Cormier doesn’t think UFC 197’s Jones can beat him

Last night at UFC 197 Jon Jones beat Ovince St. Preux by decision and while it was it great he is back it was lackluster. The Jon Jones of old that smashed guys, choked people out, and outclassed opponents in every way was nowhere to be seen. We weren’t the only ones who noticed. Current … Read more