Watch Brock Lesnar get tombstoned by The Undertaker on Raw (VIDEO)

Paul Heyman took center stage last night at Monday Night Raw to introduce his client Brock Lesnar for a Minnesota homecoming. The Advocate sang a hymn to The Beast Incarnate, “My eyes have seen the glory of The Conqueror, My Lord… Glory, glory, Brock Lesnar… The Conqueror marches on…” But the benediction was interrupted as … Read more


UFC 85 featured Nate Marquardt with his head-spiking piledriver using near flawless technique. And in UFC 84 we had Dong Hyun Kim dropping Jason Tan on his noggin’. Will this be a new trend in MMA? Never mind that it’s totally an illegal move; but for some reason the refs aren’t calling it. While Kim’s … Read more

Nate Marquardt loses split decion to Thales Leites at UFC 85

UFC 85: BEDLAM London, England Saturday June 7, 2008 Middleweight -Nate Marquardt (29-7-1) vs. Thales Leites (12-1) Second televised fight. Feeling each other out. Nice exchange by both fighters. Both guys are BJJ Black Belts. Thales Leites just dropped Nate Marquardt with a big right hand. Now he has full mount on Marquardt. Nate is … Read more