VIDEO: McGregor phone smash incident leaked

If only Conor could have done this to Khabib… Former lightweight/featherweight champ champ Conor McGregor was involved in the smashing of a fan’s phone. You might have heard of it. If you hadn’t until now then you have been off of MMA news sites for a few days. We’ll sum up. Man takes picture. Conor … Read more

VIDEO: McGregor’s ‘victim’ speaks and looks as crazy as you would expect

When Conor McGregor decided to grab what he considered an intrusive fan’s phone and smash it recently we wondered what the fan would look like. We finally get to see it in this video from TMZ – who else. He looks a bit bonkers to be honest. The alleged victim of the phone smashing says … Read more

Watch the iPhone 6 Plus bend test *Video*

The iPhone 6 Plus phone is the new rave nowadays as Apple continues to due battle with competition like the Samsung Galaxy and others. Personally, I’m a android phone user with the Galaxy Note series as the old iPhone’s were way too small for my huge hands along with the small screen. The new iPhone’s … Read more