Elite XC’s CBS Saturday Night Fights results & play-by-play

by:  Jack Bratcher

The action for Elite XC: Heat – CBS Saturday Night Fights starts the live broadcast at 8pm CST. PRO MMA will be providing round by round results and a summary of tonight’s event.

In a devastating turn of events Ken Shamrock will not be fighting tonight after receiving a cut over his eye this afternoon that needed six stitches.  Although Shamrock definitely wanted to fight and was visibly upset, the doctors would not allow him.

Even though it is a disappointing turn of events, MMA fans can take comfort in the fact that finally Kimbo will get to face a legitimate opponent as Seth Petruzelli steps in the ring to take the place of the injured Shamrock.

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Gina Carano gets naked

It’s what the whole MMA world has waited for and what guys all over the nation have envisioned in their minds ever since the buxom brunette made her first appearance in the ring back in 2006. Yes, Gina Carano got naked. After tipping the scales at 142.75 lbs., Carano disrobed hoping the shorts and miniskirt she was wearing would bring her weight down to the negotiated fighting weight of 140 lbs. On her third attempt at the scales, the lack of clothes brought Carano’s weight down to 141 lbs. which was acceptable and also the same weight her opponent, Kelly Kobold weighed in at. One pound over the weight limit is allowed as long as it is not a title fight.

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CBS Saturday Night Fights – MMA Analyst

He’s baaaaack! The MMA Analyst soars back into our consciousness with a breakdown of EliteXC’s CBS Saturday Night Fights. The card features Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock, Jake Shields vs. Paul Daley for the EliteXC MW Title, Benji Radach vs. Murilo Rua, Gina Carano vs. Kelly Kobold, and Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson. The MMA … Read more

CBS Saturday Night Fights Conference Call

EliteXC had a media conference call today featuring Gina Carano, Kelly Kobald, Jake Shields, and Paul Daley, all who will be fighting Oct. 4 on CBS Saturday Night Fights.  The four fighters fielded questions from various reporters. Here’s a synopsis:

Gina  Carano & Kelly Kobald
Carano, when asked if she felt any frustration for not being able to fight Chris Cyborg, responded, that there’s no frustration for not fighting Cyborg this time. Although she does want to fight her, she wants to get through this fight first and then see what happens with Cyborg. Gina insisted, “I’m gonna be here for a second.”

Jared Shaw thinks the media is making too big of a deal out of Gina Carano “refuting her position” as the face of women’s mma.

One subject Gina Carano did not care to spend much time discussing was her weight. When asked what she weighs now and how much she will weigh at weigh-ins next Friday, she responded, “I will weigh 140 lbs. next Friday and what I weigh now I will keep to myself.”

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Jake Shields vs. Paul “Semtex” Daley promo

Sem·tex – (sěm’těks’) noun. 1. a highly malleable plastic explosive. 2. a plastic explosive that is easily tractable and almost odorless, used esp. by terrorists. Paul “Semtex” Daley and Jake Shields are sure to cause an explosion when they step into the ring on October 4 when Elite XC hosts the third installment of Saturday … Read more

Paul “Semtex” Daley – Victory is already mine – Pro MMA Exclusive

by:  Cory Brady
Pro MMA was able to catch up with Paul Daley recently to ask him a few questions about his upcoming title fight with Jake Shields. The fight will take place on CBS, October 4th as part of EliteXC Saturday Night Fights. Daley recently made an impressive return after a brief retirement stint and is widely known as one of the sports most lethal strikers while his opponent Jake Shields is regarded as one of the best ground fighters in the game. The term has been widely overused over the years but this fight truly will be the “classic striker vs. grappler matchup”.  Confident would be an extreme understatement to describe how Daley is feeling in the days leading up to what is without question his biggest fight to date.
PRO MMA: How are you doing Paul? How are you feeling right now physically?
PAUL: I’m in great shape, I feel real strong, my conditioning and training has gone very well.

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