Cain Velasquez UFC 104 video blog – part 2

We get to see a different side of Cain Velasquez in his second video blog for UFC 104. You can tell he’s a good father, taking care of his daughter. We see Cain hanging out with his family, cooking out, and then do what most families do together – go on a wild pig hunt! … Read more

Dana White UFC 98 video blog (5-23-09)

Dana made up for not releasing a blog on the 22nd by releasing a whopping four-part video blog for May 23rd. In Part 1 Dana gives away four cage side seats via Twitter. We get a “Cribs” tour of his suite at the MGM Grand that you won’t believe and he wraps it up by meeting one of the “Girl’s Next Door.”


Parts 2-4 after the jump…

Read moreDana White UFC 98 video blog (5-23-09)

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The Year of the Mo, pt. 2: Growing Up

King Mo is back with part two of the “Year of the Mo” documentary. If you still have not seen part one, then do it man, that’s what’s up! In part two Mo talks about what it was like for him growing up and sheds some light on reasons why he became a fighter inside … Read more