NASA to announce that Mars mystery is “solved” today

Mars has always been a mystery and a hot topic on space conspiracy theorists when it comes to government cover-ups. Once thought as the most likely place for E.T. to hang out we have yet to see any real proof that anything lives there. Today NASA says that they will solve one of those mysteries … Read more

WTF: Man accused of trying pull earth out of orbit

WTF… Gregory Laughlin has a sort of funny story in a sort of completely WTF way. While working as a planetary scientist at the NASA Ames Research Center he was accused by the media of actually trying to shove the Earth into a new orbit, farther from the Sun. This was in the 2000s but it … Read more

NASA’s Antares rocket explodes during takeoff, Videos here

A thankfully unmanned commercial rocket headed for the International Space Station to deliver much needed supplies exploded just after launching Tuesday, filling the sky with a massive, depressing fireball of failure. The Antares rocket being supplied by contractor Orbital Sciences blew up moments after its liftoff at NASA’s facility on Eastern Virginia’s shore. The explosion destroyed … Read more