Jesse Forbes wins at MTX Audio: Fight Night 2

Arizona Combat Sports’ Jesse Forbes may never be able to live down his time on The Ultimate Fighter 3. With that being said, his performance last Friday night at MTX AUDIO’s FIGHT NIGHT 2: EVOLUTION is a step in the right direction in helping  him become recognized for his fighting instead.

On The Ultimate Fighter 3, there was smashing of furniture, drinking, and basically all of the things fans of the reality show have grown accustom to over the years. Even with his craziness, Forbes did not approach the level of TUF bad boys Chris Leben and Junie Browning.

Even putting his antics aside, his performance inside the Octagon during the show left a lot to be desired. After being picked first by Ken Shamrock, he went on to lose to loverboy Noah Inhofer and then now welterweight Josh Haynes. As one of the youngest ever competitors on the show, he showed hints of talent and an impressive wrestling pedigree, but did not produce results.

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