MMA fighter tries to choke referee after getting KO’d

If you’ve ever been knocked out you know things can get very disoriented. You may forget where you are, what day it is, and if your name is Joe Nehm, your fighting instinct may take over and you might even try to choke out the referee who just stopped your fight after you got knocked out. … Read more

What if I head-kicked you so hard your eye fell out?

In an unregulated amateur bout in Michigan over the weekend one fighter found himself on the unfortunate end of a head kick that caused his prosthetic eye to pop out and roll around the cage. In the past, we’ve seen many a match where a fighter’s mouthpiece gets knocked out, and without washing it off, they pop … Read more

FIGHTERS WANTED in Indiana, Michigan, & North Carolina

Email Sponsored BY: MMAR Fight Gear & Apparel Ammy – Lenior, NC – June 28th Jun 28, 2008 Mayhem in the Cage is looking for Amateur MMA Fighters to fill spots on their upcoming fight card June 28th in Lenoir, NC. Fighters needed in the following weight classes. 135lbs 145lbs 155lbs 170lbs If you … Read more