Fastlane 2017 and why WWE is terrible right now

Fastlane 2017 is in the books and it was bad. RAW has consistently shown that the only reason it exists is that it is the more well known of the shows WWE has on TV. Going back to when Vince relinquished some of his power to his daughter Stephanie you can track the decline. Stephanie … Read more

Pissed off RAW review: THE 5 reasons WWE sucks HARD right now

  Where to even begin. The Jan 5th RAW was so poorly thought out, so poorly booked that I can only imagine the turds WWE has hired to run the behind the scenes happenings. WWE staff dismisses critical reviews because it’s easy, but if they would start putting value in some of the major sites … Read more

WWE: More inside info on Justin Roberts being released, replacements

It’s no secret that Michael Cole is known to be a pretentious pain in the ass so it’s not shocking when we get reports from sources about his actions representing that fact. We reported earlier that long time WWE announcer Justin Roberts was fired, let go according to WWE when they decided not to renew … Read more

Sting, talks Vince, the streak, and WWE future in video, HHH and Bryan comment

Steve Borden, aka Sting covers a range of topics in a new interview posted by WWE on their Youtube channel. In this Video he speaks about his relationship with Vince McMahon and the WWE. Vince, and more recently HHH, have attempted to court Sting in to signing with the WWE. This has gone on since … Read more