Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 10

Episode 10: Showtime Schaub

The episode starts out of course with Matt “The Rat” Mitrione being a head case again. With his facial expressions and his outlandish stories he tried to play mind games with us, or he was trying to come up with an excuse of why he couldn’t fight James McSweeney. My striking coach now at Grudge Training Center in Denver, Colorado was severely offended…

Coach Trevor Wittman has been around Professional boxers for over 10 years, and he is one of the BEST trainers around, period. Matt was milking everything, and the doctors said he didn’t have a concussion, and the doctors said he was clear to fight. If he doesn’t fight, it is because of himself and not because a doctor didn’t clear him.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 10 recap

Matt Mitrione came in and said he had swelling of the brain. Rashad said it sounds like a concussion. They asked Matt for some sort of written proof from the doctor, but he does not produce anything. His story frankly sounds conflicting. The coaches don’t know if he wants to fight, if he’s just making excuses, or what.

Now Kimbo, who has been wanting to fill in for someone the whole show, seems to have knee trouble. Regardless, Rampage wants to start getting Kimbo ready to fill in for Matt Mitrione. Now Kimbo is hesitant because if he fills in for Mitrione, he will have to fight James McSweeney in the quarter-finals.

Kimbo said, “I would fight him, don’t get me wrong, but I need time to prepare. He’s a kicker.” Uhh, yeah Kimbo, this is MMA, everyone is a potential “kicker.” So, Kimbo apparently doesn’t want to risk getting kicked in his knee that he claims was recently injured.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights” episode 9 recap – Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson

What was your opinion on who won the fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson?
What was your opinion on who won the fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson?

Team Rashad has seven fighters left going into the quarterfinals and Rampage has one. Team Rashad fighters Justin Wren and Roy Nelson will be fighting each other in the first quarterfinal fight bout tonight.

Roy and Justin are friends. Roy said it’s not easy to fight your friends, and you just want to get it over with so you can get back to joking around with them. Justin said Roy has the experience advantage, but he is the young up-and-comer looking to make a statement.

Matt Mitrione a.k.a. “Meathead” came down with a headache, was throwing up, and said he was getting dizzy. Some of the other guys think he probably has a concussion. Some thought he was just faking. If the doctors take him out, this is the chance for an alternate to step in, which most likely will be Kimbo Slice.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 8 recap

There is only one fight left in the prelims, and tonight we will get to see Marcus “Big Baby” Jones vs. Mike Wessel, before the next round of match ups are announced.

After the obligatory fight re-cap, “Rampage” goes on a rampage, destroying one of the doors leading out of the training center, in front of UFC President Dana White, and the rest of the cast.

Back at the house, the damage to Scott Junk that Justin Wren mentioned in last week’s blog is apparent. Junk’s eye looks to be badly damaged, and was apparently hurt by a poke in the eye during the fight, which required the fighter to have surgery to have it repaired.

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Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 7

Justin with training partners Brendan, Domico, and Nate.
Justin with training partners Brendan Schaub, Demico Rogers, and Nate Quarry.

Justin Wren TUF Blog: Voices in my head

The fight picks come out and we picked Matt “The Rat” Mitrione to fight Scott “Punk Haole” Junk, which then leaves Mike Wessell to fight Marcus Jones. It looks like Matt’s manipulation skills have worked out for him and he no longer had to fight Marcus Jones who we all agreed he was scared to fight.

Rashad and Rampage get into each other’s faces. Rampage said “he didn’t quit on his guys and that his fighters quit in the cage.” He also went on to agree that he isn’t a coach and Rashad calls him out and says he shouldn’t have accepted the job. The argument gets heated, and personal… These two guys really do HATE each other! In my opinion Ramapage shouldn’t have taken the job; yes it does hype up their fight, yes it does get him more exposure, but he has EIGHT guy’s futures that he is representing… and representing EXTREMELY poorly.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 7 recap

The beef continues between Coach “Rampage” and Coach Evans to start this episode. Nothing new there, it just sucks that we don’t get to see these two guys settle it in the Octagon.

After a pretty bad “stanky leg” reenactment by “Rampage”, the last two fight match ups are announced by Coach Evans. In the first match up, former NFL player Matt Mitrione will face off against UFC veteran Scott Junk. The final bout be Mike Wessel versus Marcus “Big Baby” Jones.

The war of words between Coach “Rampage” and Coach Evans continue after the fight picks. With tensions escalating, the two coaches have to be separated once again, by their teams and assistant coaches.

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Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10” blog – episode 4

Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.
Although Justin is the youngest fighter on the show, the coaches for Team Rashad said they consider him one of the top three.

Justin Wren TUF 10 blog: Matt the Rat and Showtime

First off, I think this is the best episode yet. Now things are starting to heat up a bit and  the tension is definitely building and fights are getting more and more entertaining. I  also want to thank PROMMA.INFO for giving me this opportunity to write this TUF blog for them. I am excited for all the opportunities that have been coming to me from being a part of The Ultimate Fighter and I am just very fortunate to be in the place that I am.

The episode starts out with the recap of Roy vs. Kimbo if anyone watched The Aftermath on Spike.com they would  see that Dana is still not pleased with the performance that Roy put on. Roy did what he had to do to win, but I think the fans would have appreciated more of an effort to stop the fight with more devastating blows.

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