Forrest Griffin reveals real reason he took UFC 106 fight with Ortiz

Mr. Forrest Griffin seems to have his head back in the game after it got decapitated by Anderson Silva at UFC 101 back in August. Griffin recently returned from his honeymoon and seems to be in good spirits. He will be fighting Tito Ortiz in the main event at UFC 106 on Nov. 21, and … Read more

Forrest Griffin talks marriage and quaaludes

Forrest Griffin is an odd duck. Everyone has pretty much figured that out by now. Forrest has re-surfaced following his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 101 and talks for the first time about… well I’m not sure what it’s about but he did say he just got married, plans to go on a honeymoon, … Read more

New Interview with Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson was recently in London and spoke with the U.K. website called SKY SHOWBIZ. It seems she has a new reality show coming out. She talks about her new movie Zombie strippers. She talks about Britney Spears and seems to feel like she can relate to her. Of course Jenna talks about Tito Ortiz … Read more