VIDEO: Scott Hall buries Virgil to his face for convention merchandise sales

Remember Virgil? He was Ted Dibiase’s bodyguard in WWE in the 1980’s, eventually turning on him and enjoying a brief bit of popularity and fame. He would later appear in WCW in the 90’s as Vincent with the NWO. Since then he has become a meme as ‘lonely Virgil’  with an entire website devoted to … Read more

Is this the creepiest WWE eBay item ever?

Holy crap this is creepy. Someone placed what I can only describe as terrifying on eBay if this is real. I am guessing that either “Lonely Virgil” or a struggling ref collected this in the shower or after one of Sasha’s matches. Yep, this is an auction for hairs from Sasha shared on Twitter as “ring worn” referring to its condition. Ugh…

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