Weekend Wrap-Up: The unofficial PRO MMA Sunday night link dump

Official PRO MMA (promma.info) MMA Link Dump Truck
Official PROMMA.INFO MMA Link Dump Truck

If you have not yet seen the Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Chris Tuchscherer fight from UFC 102, you need to watch it; if for nothing else, to see Tuchscherer take one of the nastiest kicks to the groin ever, get assaulted by the doctors, have a coughing fit, throw up, and then continue to fight only to catch one of Gonzaga’s nasty high kicks to the dome and basically take the equivalent of a jailhouse gang rape with a rusty lead pipe. It was one heck of a UFC debut for the Brock Lesnar look-alike (If Brock’s muscles all turned to flab) and training partner.

You know how UFC President Dana White has been making up with everyone? (We still have yet to learn why White has turned into “Mr. Nice Guy.” You can bet there’s something deeper here.) Well, now even Sherdog seems to be back in the Godfather’s good graces as Greg Savage gets exclusive one-on-one time with the Don after UFC 102.

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