The Kimbo bubble gets popped!

by:  Jack Bratcher

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later and as odd as it has been, it seems only fitting that the Kimbo show would come to a close in the midst of strange circumstances.  The street fighter turned mixed martial artist suffered his first defeat tonight at the hands of Seth Petruzelli.  Petruzelli, although unknown to Slice is not unknown to high level MMA competition.  He has fought such notable names as Matt Hamill, Dan Severn, Gan McGee and a host of others.  As soon as word came in that Shamrock would not be fighting and when they announced who his replacement would be, many people realized the same thing Kimbo and his coaches must have also realized causing them not to formally accept the fight until late this afternoon:  Seth Petruzelli was no Ken Shamrock.

At 28 years old and owning a pair of very heavy hands with 8 knockouts in 10 fights to prove it, Petruzelli was poised in a prime position to shock the world.  Except really, why would a win by Petruzelli shock any true MMA fan unless you were one of the ones who got fooled into buying the hype.  What hype is that?  The hype that said Kimbo Slice was one of the top heavyweight Mixed Martial Artists in the world..let me throw up a bit for even putting those words in a sentence.

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UFC 88 “Breakthrough” Indeed – Review

Courtesy of
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By: Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

The crowd at Philips arena was electric. There is no doubt, having been there myself, that Chuck Liddell is still the biggest draw in MMA. Everytime that the multiple big screens in the arena flashed an image of “The Iceman”, the crowd erupted. Leading up to the main event, you could see the excitement build as near the Octagon, celebrities like Randy Couture, Big Boi from Outkast, The Tapout crew, “Rampage” Jackson and others mingled with the crowd, with camera flashes going off like a field full of fireflies. As the lights dimmed, the crowd exploded anticipating the entrance of Chuck and Rashad. Rashad came out first looking confident and bouncing all over the Octagon while awaiting Chuck’s long stroll down the hallway and out into the crowd as he made his way to do battle for a likely shot at LHW champion Forrest Griffin. Rashad appeared really loose, even dancing to Chuck’s entrance music.

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KOTC Double Knockout Video

Here’s another one of those rare cases where both fighters just happen to hit each other’s button right at the same time. [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.602517&w=425&h=350&fv=] more about "KOTC Double Knockout Video", posted with vodpod


[youtube=] Rampage is in rare form on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (June 4). Rampage always gives great interviews. People love him. He’s always funny, has a great personality, and a great representative of the UFC and the Sport. I”ve never seen Rampage with his hair this long. Kimmel talks to Rampage about maybe playing … Read more


[youtube=] Tim Sylvia will face what many consider the number one ranked Heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist in the world; some even say the best fighter on the planet July 19th on the Aflliction: Banned card in California. The name of that mythical-like opponent for Sylvia is none other than the legendary Fedor Emelianenko. Tim says … Read more

Kimbo Slice vs. James “The Colossus” Thompson Fight Video (Elite XC on CBS, May 31, 2008)

Full Fight: Kimbo Slice vs. James “The Colossus” Thompson from EliteXC: Primetime on May 31, 2008. The event aired live on CBS. Exploding Ear — Round 3