Ross Clifton needs to channel his inner Kevin McBride

Ross Clifton to fight Ken Shamrock Feb.13
Ross Clifton to fight Ken Shamrock at WAR GODS on Feb.13

Whether it is fair or not, some names just become synonymous with certain sports. In combat sports it seems as if both promoters and fans need these names in order to drum up interest in events. For example, in boxing the Mohammed Ali void was filled by Mike Tyson, and as far as MMA goes Ken Shamrock has been the torch bearer. Despite the fact that younger and more exciting stars emerge, these men remain in their sport’s spotlight well beyond their athletic prime.

Stars in combat sports get old, that is just a fact of life. As their talents and physical abilities wane, promoters’ interest in featuring the same names remains. Since the fighters are not what they once were, they are matched against continually lower and lower levels of competition.

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