Worst Karate Ever – Street Fighter 2 edition

It is impossible to talk about karate nowadays without some traditional martial artist whose belt ends have risen up to the know getting riled up. You hear things like, “MMA sucks because karate is better” with no further explanation. The type of idiot that says eye gouges and joint locks would render Jon Jones defenseless. … Read more

MABS: Fat guy uses the force in EFO system video FAIL

Welcome to another edition of MABS, Martial Arts Bullsh**. EFO (Empty Force) is one of my favorite things to watch in all of the world in terms of delusional martial arts systems. It is a cult of belief where in the instructor pre-conditions students as they progress to believe he can manipulate them without touching … Read more

CM Punk looking to make UFC debut by end of year; no longer watches pro wrestling

Former WWE superstar CM Punk has only been training mixed martial arts under the guidance of Duke Roufus for two months, but everyone wants to know when the straight-edge Chicago native will make his Octagon debut. Reports from his camp on his progression are good and he has some great fighters to spar and work … Read more

Interview: King Mo talks about life and Bellator 123

King Mo, Bellantor 90, Emanuel Newto

MustLoveMMA.com reporter Susan Cingari sits down with Bellator fighter King Mo as he gets ready to fight his new opponent at Bellator 123, Dustin Jacoby. In this revealing and intimate portrait we meet the real KING MO as Muhammed “KING MO” Lawal talks about what it was like for him to be raised by a single mom … Read more

5 good examples of unrealistic martial arts self defense you should be wary of

  COLD WEATHER KARATE! Ever see a Jiu-Jitsu seminar that taught slap-boxing as a credible defense? Meet Kuntao “Realistic” Self-Defense. In this seminar you will learn that most fighting situations start with the attackers coming at you like Frankenstein with a hard on. In this seminar of realism, you will also learn the generic choke … Read more

Our ‘What You Think’ game featuring the top 4 useless martial arts in fighting

Here we take a look at the 4 worst traditional martial arts in terms of real fighting. We play the What your friends / you think you do and then we hit you with reality. We tried to keep it realistic in the what really happens department so no streetfights with pretenders. Enjoy. 4. Taekwondo … Read more