Fans might not be the only people who have a problem with Yvel vs. Barnett

Here at PRO MMA we already linked you up with the Tom Atencio Fox News interview. As delusional as Atencio sounded during the video the highlight has to be when he tries to sell fans on the match up between Gilbert Yvel and Josh Barnett. When asked why American fans should care about the fight he said the following:

“I don’t know if the American fans are. I think that the uh….the hardcore fans definitely should be. Uh Gilbert comes out and Gilbert throws you know….he’s…he’s been he’s knocked out quite a few guys. He can be the bad boy for sure, there’s a lot of talk about that. But you know I think it’s almost one of those things it’s good vs. evil you know? Josh Barnett’s the All-American guy you know he’s got that superhero look, he’s well spoken, and you know Gilbert, Gilbert comes out and fights. There is a lot talk about he is a dirty fighter and this and that….he’s got all the tattoos and everything else…he looks the part too. But nonetheless, Gilbert’s a tough, tough guy.”

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Horodecki gets Afflicted & will Fight at Day of Reckoning

by:  Jack Bratcher

Affliction Entertainment held a news conference at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Wednesday to announce their next event, apocalyptically dubbed “Day of Reckoning” (cue sound of thunder).  One might suggest Affliction management has some cojones coming into the hometown of the UFC to hold their next event showcasing some of the UFC’s former biggest stars.  However, you don’t see any of the Vegas venues closing the doors on Affliction, not allowing them to set foot on the sacred ground of UFC territory.  Loyalty such as that may as well by a myth when millions of dollars are at stake.  Evidently it’s all systems go for Affliction’s “Day of Reconing” and here’s how the card is shaping up:

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by: Jack Bratcher FOX SPORTS NET FIGHTS: PAUL BUENTELLO vs. GARY GOODRIDGE Round 2 – Body kick by Goodridge.  Nice strikes by Buentello.  Leg kick by Goodridge.  Big leg kick again.   Inside kick.  Another kick to the leg.  Another leg kick.  Left hook from Goodridge.  Big exchange of punches by both.  Uppercut by Buentello.  Foot … Read more

Pro MMA Exclusive: Josh Barnett is Coming for Pedro Rizzo

Here is Josh Barnett speaking with Tru from Pro MMA Josh makes the point that he is coming for Pedro Rizzo at Afflicion: Banned on July 19, 2008.  Personally, I’m really looking forward to this fight as well as many of the other fights on the Affliction card.  July 19th could very well go down … Read more


by: Jack Bratcher Ok if you had the choice between paying about forty dollars to watch some high-quality MMA fights on pay-per-view from a brand new and unproven, mostly unknown promotion or watching a free high-quality UFC event free on Spike TV what do you think the average person will do? As if Affliction didn’t already have a big enough challenge getting people to buy this pay-per-view, their potential veiwership could really take a beating if the UFC does give … Read more

Buentello talks about upcoming Affliction fight versus Emelianenko

[youtube=] MMA Jacked takes us inside American Kickboxing Academy to talk with trainer “Crazy” Bob Cook and his fighter Paul Buentello about their fight with Alex Emelianenko coming up in July at the Affliction: Banned event. Although Paul’s fight will be on the undercard it could very well be a main event on pretty much any MMA card anywhere.  The whole Affliction card … Read more

New Press Release From Affliction 6/11/08

In Association with Roy Englebrecht Events “Affliction Banned” Live on Pay-Per-View 6PM/PT Saturday, July 19, 2008 ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA MAIN EVENT – HEAVYWEIGHTS – PPV FEDOR “The Last Emperor” EMELIANENKO      TIM “Maine-iac” SYLVIA Former PRIDE Heavyweight Champion         Former 2-Time UFC Heavyweight Champion Red Devil Sports Club               Miletich Martial Arts Stary Oskol, Russia                  Bettendorf, Iowa 27-1 (6 KOs, 14 Submissions)            24-4 (16 … Read more


by: Jack Bratcher Tom Atencio, the vice-president of Affliction and Affliction Entertainment spoke with Gorgeous George and Frank Trigg over at Tagg Radio. Donald Trump is an equity partner in Affliction Entertainment. When asked by radio host, Frank Trigg what “The Donald” brings to this whole thing, Tom Atencio, vice-president of Affliction replied that Trump … Read more


[youtube=] Here it is folks. This is the card that many people are saying is the best fight card in Mixed Martial Arts history. Do you guys realize all that has already happened in 2008? This is proving to be a real groundbreaking year for the sport and the year is only half over. AFFLICTION: … Read more