interview with Jeremiah Riggs *VIDEO*

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – caught up with “The Ultimate Fighter 7” and “Daisy of Love” cast member Jeremiah Riggs at the “Strikeforce: Nashville” weigh-ins on Friday. Riggs talked about his upcoming fight, and filled us in on a new reality show he’s working on called “Big Rigg’s Wild Ride“. Riggs’ friend Justin Pennington is fighting on … Read more

Justin Wren vs. Jon Madsen TUF 10 Finale fight video

TUF 10 competitors Justin Wren and Jon Madsen battled it out on the UFC’s TUF 10 Finale preliminary card. Wren seemed to be the aggressor for much of the fight, while Madsen stuck primarily to a counter-striking game. There was a lot on the line for both fighters. If you are interested in keeping in … Read more

Brendan Schaub discusses Justin Wren’s addition to Grudge Fight Team

Justin Wren with Brendan Schaub at Grudge Training Center.

The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights finalist Brendan Schaub was on Wednesday’s TUF 10 Finale conference call and fielded questions from the media on a multitude of subjects.

Being that TUF 10 cast member Justin Wren was one of the most talented fighters in The Ultimate Fighter house (and had blogged for us this entire season), I was curious to know how he ultimately ended up at the same gym with Brendan (Grudge Training Center in Colorado), how they benefit from one another, and what it has been like training with him.

Here is what Brendan had to say about his training partner Justin Wren (at the 27:00 mark if you want to hear it):

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error TUF 10 Finale pick ’em contest sponsored by Silver Star and Silver Star are teaming up yet again to bring you another great pick ’em contest for The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale. This one will follow the same format as our two prior contests, comprised of five mini-contests.

Silver Star has once again generously provided prizes for five winners, with each winner receiving his or her own Jonny “Bones” Jones Silver Star TUF 10 Finale walkout shirt. Anyone can participate as long as you have a valid email and mailing address (for receiving your prize).

A word to the wise – read the rules. Numerous entries in the last two contests have neglected to provide their mailing address and/or answer to the tie-breaker question – and this time, there are two tie-breakers, so make sure to answer both.

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Justin Wren vs. Jon Madsen at TUF 10 Finale

Two of TUF 10's best wrestlers will meet at the Finale.

According to our friends over at Around the Octagon, TUF 10 quarter-finalists Justin “The Viking” Wren and Jon Madsen will face each other at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on Dec. 5 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. The event will air free on Spike TV at 9PM ET/PT.

Wren, who has been chronicling his TUF 10 experience through a weekly blog here at, faced UFC heavyweight veteran Wes Sims in his first fight on the show. Wren took Sims down easily and early in the bout, locked on a submission, and put the big man to sleep via arm triangle.

In his quarter-final fight, Wren faced another veteran, Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Wren was aggressive and pushed the pace in the first round. However, he seemed to gas and take more shots in the second, and the judges awarded Nelson the unanimous decision.

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Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 10

Episode 10: Showtime Schaub

The episode starts out of course with Matt “The Rat” Mitrione being a head case again. With his facial expressions and his outlandish stories he tried to play mind games with us, or he was trying to come up with an excuse of why he couldn’t fight James McSweeney. My striking coach now at Grudge Training Center in Denver, Colorado was severely offended…

Coach Trevor Wittman has been around Professional boxers for over 10 years, and he is one of the BEST trainers around, period. Matt was milking everything, and the doctors said he didn’t have a concussion, and the doctors said he was clear to fight. If he doesn’t fight, it is because of himself and not because a doctor didn’t clear him.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 10 recap

Matt Mitrione came in and said he had swelling of the brain. Rashad said it sounds like a concussion. They asked Matt for some sort of written proof from the doctor, but he does not produce anything. His story frankly sounds conflicting. The coaches don’t know if he wants to fight, if he’s just making excuses, or what.

Now Kimbo, who has been wanting to fill in for someone the whole show, seems to have knee trouble. Regardless, Rampage wants to start getting Kimbo ready to fill in for Matt Mitrione. Now Kimbo is hesitant because if he fills in for Mitrione, he will have to fight James McSweeney in the quarter-finals.

Kimbo said, “I would fight him, don’t get me wrong, but I need time to prepare. He’s a kicker.” Uhh, yeah Kimbo, this is MMA, everyone is a potential “kicker.” So, Kimbo apparently doesn’t want to risk getting kicked in his knee that he claims was recently injured.

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“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights”- episode 1 recap

Season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter has been hyped and discussed by MMA fans both hardcore and casual, and will likely be the most popular season ever with a much more experienced cast, coupled with the drawing power of Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

In the opening scenes of Episode 1, viewers are introduced to the tension that has been brewing between opposing coaches and rivals Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans. The trash talk begins immediately with both guys breaking down each other’s past losses, and predicting what will take place when they finally face off to settle their own score.

As the coaches continue their banter, the Heavyweights begin to appear through the doorway into the training center, and both coaches comment about the size of the “giants” that will make up the cast.

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