Mann Talk just got robbed

Much like Alan Belcher, my column was not actually robbed, but don’t tell Joe Rogan that. Anyone who watched the Yoshihiro Akiyama and Alan Belcher fight with the ten-point must system in mind should have been able to see that Akiyama won the first two rounds and thus the fight. Yes, Akiyama was dead tired. Yes, Belcher could have turned it on and won the fight, but that is not what happened. Despite being spent, Akiyama’s striking was continually cleaner and more effective.

I could go on and on about how the decision was righteous and justified, but at the same time that is so obvious it doesn’t deserve space on PRO MMA ( What does warrant this edition of Mann Talk is the way the UFC’s commentating team deals with judging, Rogan can cry robbery all he wants. After all commentators are there to provide commentary. However, Rogan and Goldberg need to start talking about judging in context of the ten-point must system.

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MMA Fix on the Fight Network episode 8

MMA Fix on the Fight Network is a thirty minute MMA television program that recaps each week’s big news and events. In episode 8, Dave Farra visits the UFC 99 viewing party and takes us along to the grand opening of the TapOut training facility. Also featured is an in-depth interview with Stephan Bonnar, Punkass, and a post-TUF 9 Finale interview with Joe Rogan.

episode 7 after the jump…

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Cole Miller quiets Junie Browning…for now

Before their fight at Ultimate Fight Night 18, both Cole Miller (15-3) and Junie Browning (3-1) had some harsh words for one another. Browning repeatedly stated that Miller was overrated and Miller made it clear that he thought Browning was a “Douche Bag”. After the fight Miller was the only one who did the talking, shouting “Who’s overrated now?” after forcing Browning to tap out due to a guillotine choke in the first round.

Browning gained fame, good or bad, for his antics on season eight of The Ultimate Fighter. The footage showed Browning starting fights with other fighters and spitting on a black belt in front of the entire cast and their coaches at the UFC training center. Which, for all intents and purposes, seemed moronic considering that both Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, the shows coaches, have black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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UFC Fight Night 18 weigh ins (full video)

PRO MMA ( was on hand for the UFC Fight Night 18 weigh-ins Tuesday afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee. The Junie Browning and Cole Miller face off got a bit heated for a moment and main event fighters, Condit and Kampmann both looked ready to throw down right there.

Joe Rogan comments on UFC video game contract issue

by:  Doug Drexler

Joe Rogan posted a response to a forum thread on giving his take on Dana White’s recent outburst regarding the contract status of Jon Fitch, and other fighters out of the American Kickboxing Academy.

Rogan commented on Dana White as a person by saying “Dana is a very unconventional person. If you’re with him, you’re his friend and he’s the best guy in the world to have on your side. Conversely, if you’re against him he’s your worst fucking enemy.”

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The truth about Eddie Bravo & rubber guard

Jiu Jitsu is evolving. The fight game is evolving. Like all of the arts it involves creativity. In this very interesting video Joe Rogan, George Sotiropoulos, and Jason Chambers share their insight about Eddie Bravo’s contribution to Jiu Jitsu and the evolution of MMA. Props to Jeff at for this video.

New Interview With Dana White

Here’s a new interview with Dana White from June 18th on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show. He talks about some of his early beginnings, a little about Tito, and also says if Chuck can beat Rashad that he will probably get a title shot. He has some interesting things to say about Shogun. Dana … Read more