The Ultimate Fighter: US vs. UK episode 8 recap

This week’s show begins at the training center with coach Dan Henderson taking his guys through a session of training, and Jason Pierce talking about his lingering and new injuries, explaining why he hasn’t yet fought.

“It’s one thing after another, being here this season… I don’t know, I busted my foot open the first fight, I haven’t been able to train the way that I want, and now I’m getting staph in my foot.”

After Pierce’s thoughts on the effects of staph infections and his wishes that he NOT fight a U.K. fighter with reduced training, Bisping and his troops are in the training center for a workout.

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The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs U.K.- Episode 3 recap

The episode starts at the house as the American team arrives, followed by the arrival of team U.K. shortly after.

Both teams start off with introductions and handshakes as the alcohol is being poured and served. Santino DeFranco remarks that, “the Brits are cool, you know, I don’t understand a lot of what they say, but you know, they have a fun accent, and it keeps things interesting.”

As the guys congregate on the basketball court for some hoops, we see why the British are more known for their soccer skills and not their hoop skills. Within minutes, eggs come flying from the balcony, and the drama begins.

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