Check the 888sport app for best odds

Smartphones and apps have changed our world forever. We now have access to more information at our fingertips than ever before and we depend on this information and the functions the applications do for us such as operating a thermostat, locating a restaurant, or listening to music. Apps also allow users to expedite payments and … Read more

5 Least Popular Games Ever

There’s no holding back. We’re a smart device-toting society and we want to be entertained wherever we may be. Accordingly, the variety of apps in every category imaginable, from news, to communication and games has boomed and every day new apps are being added. There are many enough lists online pointing you to the best, … Read more

Spike TV to launch groundbreaking co-viewing APP for Bellator MMA

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Bellator MMA for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch Gives Fans A New Way to Experience MMA  Newport Beach, CA. (February 28, 2013) – Spike TV is launching “Bellator MMA” for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch, as fans can experience mixed martial arts like never before with the world’s most advanced co-viewing MMA app.  The app is available on the App Store on … Read more

Pro MMA Now Product Review: The “Chokes” app for the iPhone

One of my favorite things to do since I started blogging has been product reviews. Thanks to the great people at Victory Belt and BudoVideos, I have had an opportunity to review some of the best MMA instructional products out there, and thanks to great guys like E. Jon Wertheim, I’ve had the chance to … Read more

UFC launches text alerts for mobile devices

How much time during a week does the average person spend either talking or sending text messages on their mobile phone? There are writers for this very website who have become so proficient at sending text messages, they can drive with one hand and carry on a complete conversation via text using their other hand.

Now MMA fans who are completely submerged in the world of text messaging can add the sport’s premiere organization to their list of friends who will be utilizing this modern form of communication. PRO MMA ( received word today the UFC has launched a new text alert service for mobile devices.

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