Two Most Popular Hobbies Among Men

Men are known to have various kinds of active hobbies. Their never-ending supplies of passion often transform into hobbies of sportive types, something that requires energy and a penchant for risk. That’s why men’s hobbies tend to involve martial arts or betting games. Boxing and MMA are two most popular hobbies that the majority of … Read more

Topps UFC Round 1- PRO MMA ( scores!

When I first heard of Topps teaming up with the UFC, I was excited. Being a huge MMA fan, and a former sports card addict, I had mixed feelings about my own participation in collecting these cards.

Needless to say, once the time was close, I contacted a local store in Nashville, Tennessee to the get the scoop. They were expecting them to hit by February 24th, so I waited for that day hoping I may get a chance to get a pack or two a day early, as they were to hit the shelves of hobby stores on the 25th.

I called, they were in, and the rest is history. They only had two boxes, and I handed my debit card over like a kid buying candy with his allowance. On the way back to work I kept wondering, will I get those tickets that are randomly inserted? Will the $200 I just dropped result in anything exciting?

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Topps UFC Trading Cards go on sale next week

Georges St. Pierre autographed Topps UFC card

The wait is almost over. PRO MMA ( has confirmed that the highly anticipated MMA cards based on the UFC partnership with Topps will be hitting local stores early next week, February 25th to be exact.

We spoke to a representative from Southern Hobby, a wholesaler responsible for bringing the cards to retail stores nationwide, who said the impact of these cards is going to be huge, as they had sold out of all of their supply two months in advance.

Sports card collectors are excited about something new in the industry and with the growth of MMA worldwide, the Topps UFC trading cards are sure to be a hit and will likely fly off shelves with MMA fans looking to own a part of the action.

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