Alexander Emelyanenko faces Hizir Pliev in pro boxing debut – video

On Oct. 3, 2009, Alexander Emelyanenko made his boxing debut in Moscow against master of sports in boxing and Russian kickboxing champion Hizir Pliev. In the end, the judges ruled that each fighter won two rounds each and the fight was declared a draw. Alexander commented after the fight, “Halfway through this fight I realized that I’m not at home in my bed and I have to move around much more and box. I don’t think I let a lot punches land on me and I had complete control of everything that was going on.”

Alexander felt he did not really become comfortable until after the second round and if the fight would have continued he would have knocked out his opponent. “I was boxing much better after the second round,” He said. “In the third I saw my opponent getting back a little. He had somewhat of a chance in the first two rounds but then began his retreat. If there was more time, my opponent would have been knocked out in the fifth or sixth round.”

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Alexander Emelyanenko’s professional boxing debut ends in draw – photo gallery

Alexander Emelyanenko walks to the ring for his professional boxing debut.

On Oct. 3, 2009, three time combat sambo world champion and combat sambo European champion Alexander Emelyanenko had his debut as a professional boxer in Moscow. Alexander faced master of sports in boxing and Russian kickboxing champion Hizir Pliev. The fight went four rounds and ended in a draw.

Attendees at the event said the fight was a great battle with both fighters showing high skills and the will to win. Unfortunately, four rounds were not enough to bring out a winner. Pliev was dominating in the first two rounds but in third and fourth rounds Alexander Emelyanenko was showing all the best of him.

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