Much hyped Tito Ortiz comeback falls flat – Forrest Griffin wins split decision at UFC 106

Tito's three weeks with Freddie Roach did little to help him when Forrest poured on the heat.

Forrest Griffin edged out a split decision victory over Tito Ortiz Saturday night in the UFC 106 main event which took place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. Ortiz used his wrestling to get Griffin to the ground early in the bout, but Griffin defended well from the bottom for the most part, and by the third round, Tito was having much more trouble with his takedowns.

Griffin picked “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” apart with superior striking but the third round was the most devastating. In the third, Ortiz barely mounted any offense at all, and basically became a strike test dummy for the winner of The Ultimate Fighter season one.

Ortiz and Griffin met inside the Octagon for the first time at UFC 59 in 2006. It was in that fight that Ortiz handed Griffin his very first UFC loss. That fight also finished via split decision. Following  tonight’s bout, Ortiz said they had now both won one fight each, and they needed to do it again for a tie-breaker. UFC color commentator Joe Rogan agreed with the sentiment.

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by:  Jack Bratcher

Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera (Riddle=Team Rampage, Rivera=Team Forrest)
Round 1 – Dante comes out swingin and with a leg kick. Clinch against the cage. Knees to Riddle’s head within clinch. Elbow by Riddle.. Knees by both still clinched. Someone’s mouthpiece flew out; looks like Dante’s. Ref lets him put it back in. Restarts action. Two big swinging overhand lefts by Rivera that miss. Clinched against cage again.. Riddle with the plum. Riddle with underhooks. Knee by Dante to the head. Leg kick by Dante twice. Right hand by Riddle. Trip by Riddle gets Dante down and delivers elbows. Riddle backs up and the bell rings.

Round 2 – Takedown by Riddle. Side control but backs out and throws some leg kicks. Rivera on his back…Rivera stands up. Clinched against the cage. Foot stomps by Riddle. Knees by Riddle. Big overhand left by Dante. Misses and Riddle gets a takedown. Full mount by Riddle, Dante reverses it and escapes. Dante is now on top in Riddle’s full gaurd. Elbows by Riddle from the bottom. Riddle looks good from the bottom looking for a triangle. Holy shit. Elbows by Riddle into Dante’s ribs, still in the triangle. Dante finally gets out as bell rings. Fucking aye that was great. Dante is the jiu-jitsu specialist so that was extra sweet for Riddle.