Got em! David Branch hit with hefty USADA suspension

UFC middleweight Dennis Branch is yet another name on the continuously growing USADA flagged list. It was announced via the official website of the anti doping agency that he tested positive for the substance Ipamorelin in an out of competition sample taken in May. The substance significantly increases growth hormone levels which is a big … Read more

Official Mixed Martial Arts Flag to be unveiled at WEC

Portland, OR (MMD Newswire) November 3, 2008 — MMA World Industries, LLC is proud to unveil the Official Flag of Mixed Martial Arts.  Never before has one symbol in sports been more important to a group who want to be accepted.  The flag symbolizes the exact principles of the sport, lifestyle, and culture.  Pride, Honor, and Respect.

The dynamic roots of MMA are tracked to 648 B.C. in early Olympic Games where Pankration athletes and spectators would gather as two men would battle to become the victor.  Since then, there have been many transformations in this type of competition.  Never, until today, has there been one recognized symbol that proudly represents MMA. 

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