Randy Couture UFC 102 final video blog

In Randy Couture’s final video blog for UFC 102 we get to stand cage side with Randy’s coaches and training partners as the former champ battles “Minotauro.” We get to be with Randy after the fight in his dressing room as the doctors examine him and then we go to the press conference where it … Read more

Dana White UFC 90 video blog #5

Here’s Dana’s fifth video blog for UFC 90. This is the episode filmed on Oct. 24. Enjoy the fights tonight and check back with us here at PRO MMA http://promma.info for complete round by round real time coverage starting at 9pm CT/7pm PT.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Finale SHOCKER!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SyqLhMyYgc&eurl=http://fightlinker.com/blog/] Next Wednesday June 18 will be a special 90 minute The Ultimate Fighter finale.  Apparantly there’s a big shocker that turns the whole thing upside down and ruins the tournament Finals.  Watching this video leaves us with two main questions: Why are they in a limousine?  And, Why is someone kicking the window out? Actually this brings up another question.  You know every season there is a “house-destroying episode” and from what I hear that stuff is actually encouraged.  So if they can tear up a whole house and destroy it and not suffer any repercussions, what’s the big … Read more