The Business of MMA – PRO MMA exclusive interview with ROUND 5 President Damon Lau

PRO MMA ( recently had the opportunity to speak with ROUND 5 co-founder and president Damon Lau. He talked to us about the popular line of mixed martial arts action figures his company produces.

From the original MMA referee “Big” John McCarthy to the number one ranked heavyweight fighter in the world Fedor Emelianenko to the face of women’s MMA Gina Carano, ROUND 5 has their hand on the pulse of professional mixed martial arts and they have created collectible life-like miniatures of the sport’s most popular personalities.

Lau talked to us about how they choose which fighters are deserving of their own action figure, what action figures are now available, and who will be coming out in their next series. Many people may assume ROUND 5 action figures are geared more toward kids, so you may be surprised when you learn the average buyer’s age. Lau also talked about UFC President Dana White and if there have been any difficulties in working with their fighters.

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