Watch gameplay footage from Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves DLC

Destiny’s second expansion pack due out later this year is known as House of Wolves, and like The Dark Below before it, it’s bringing some changes and additions to the game, including some pretty cool new weapons. Check out this video showing gameplay action inside the House of Wolves DLC months before it’s release. DID YOU … Read more

The UFC infiltrates China

As one of the birthplaces of martial arts, China is rightfully considered to be hallowed ground for the warriors of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Today, UFC is pleased to announce a television deal with Inner Mongolia Television that will mark the first time in history UFC will be seen on TV in China, continuing the global expansion of the premier brand in mixed martial arts.

“Obviously China is a huge market and the Chinese understand the martial arts probably better than anyone else in the world. It’s a no brainer that UFC programming will be appreciated in China, and will become a big hit for the NMTV network,” said Dana White, UFC President.

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