Getting To Know Lenny ‘The Show Stealer’ Wheeler

Get to know top Canadian featherweight Lenny “The Show Stealer” Wheeler before he takes on Tristan Connelly at Elite 1 MMA in May. When you were a kid, what did you want to do for a living?” I don’t know. I went through a lot of phases. Once, when I was 11 I watched a VHS … Read more

Five live MMA events you can watch this weekend online

It’s true, there’s no UFC this weekend, no Strikeforce, no Bellator or XFC, but that doesn’t mean you diehard MMA fans out there still can’t get your fix. Here’s a look at five live mixed martial arts events going on this weekend that everyone with Internet access can watch.

MMA fighter John Williams wins pro debut at 70-years-old

At first, one may think due to safety issues, a man 70-years-old has no business fighting in professional mixed martial arts. And in almost every case you would be right, but not in the case of John Williams.