Yo Gamebred there’s a welterweight champ punking you on social media

Good God man. Usman are you crazy. You don’t poke a bear! We are pretty sure that we know who the “hacker” of Kamaru Usman’s Twitter account is that sent a nasty tweet to Conor McGregor before the Irishman made the walk for his UFC 246 fight with Cowboy Cerrone on Saturday night. It’s someone … Read more

Wow: Cowboy Cerrone’s lifestyle is so crazy he was once pronounced dead

This image blew me away. I’ve been keeping up with all of the pre-fight multimedia being released for UFC 246’s blockbuster main event featuring Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone. ESPN shared an image recently that highlighted all of the damage Cerrone has taken over the years. The amount of bones he has broken, internal injuries … Read more

FAIL: Grasso misses weight badly for UFC 246 cancelling Gadelha bout

For the people like us who were looking forward to the Alexa Grasso vs Claudia Gadelha bout we just got hosed. Alexa Grasso stepped on the scales today was expected to hit the 115 pound strawweight limit. Not so much. She tipped the scales at 121.5 which is beyond the 3 pound allowance over 115 … Read more

A closer look at the head scratching odds for the UFC 246 main event and our predictions

What in the blue hell are the oddsmakers thinking with their lines for Conor McGregor and Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246? Cerrone used to fight in the 170 pound welterweight division and McGregor is the former featherweight and lightweight champion. Conor battled Floyd Mayweather Jr with a 154 pound limit in which the Irishman weighed … Read more

Cowboy happy that McGregor acting like a ‘real man’, slams media

Cowboy really is a cool cat. After the relatively tame UFC 246 press conference we saw a happy Donald Cerrone get nasty with a journalist. She started a line of questioning about the media and an obviously frustrated Cowboy jumped on the ‘clickbait’ articles. He was specifically referencing articles with quotes from the past, only … Read more

Watching McGregor watch his own past press conference highlights is gold

The current version of Conor McGregor is an anomaly. He’s a mixture of humility, appreciation, and subtle arrogance. His bout with Cowboy Cerrone is going down on Saturday and legacy is on the line. There is zero drama going on with big stakes on the outcome. Twilight Zone. Despite holding numerous record over a long … Read more

Watch: Dana White owns a reporter, discusses UFC 2020


Never ask a stupid question or a question that’s already been asked multiple times to Dana White. You might get owned. In a media scrum he opened up about what it’s like to have Conor McGregor back. He also revealed that he has been on time for every event so far leading up to his … Read more

McGregor’s post presser continues his new found humility

Is this nice guy persona for Conor McGregor an act? Is it real? His calm demeanor and praise for his UFC 246 opponent Donald Cerrone is a far cry from his previous encounter with ‘Cowboy’ when the Irishman was the interim featherweight champion. The true test will be how he reacts if he snags the … Read more