Conspiracy nuts: UFC 230 main event change leads to Lesnar rumors

After Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe Miocic at UFC 226 to win the heavyweight championship – this happened: Once Brock Lesnar entered the cage and pushed Daniel Cormier it was announced that the two would face off in the future leading most to assume it was a done deal. However, when the UFC 230 main … Read more

The State of the Warhammer Address – An English Outlaw tries to prove Christ is not Canadian

Hello America, It’s Warhammer time once more folks, but before I get started I wanna give out a way you can reach me. The email is you can email me directly with questions or comments about whats going on in the world of MMA and I, the Warhammer, will address them as only I … Read more

UFC ring girls get the boot – conspiracy theory included

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Apparently, UFC ring girls Logan Stanton and Natasha Wix have been released from the best job they ever had – walking around a cage of fighters with thousands of men hootin’ and hollarin’ at you.

Although the reasons for the two ladies’ forced exit from the company have not been disclosed, let us look to that one aspect of modern society that always provides us with clues… Twitter:

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