Holloway vs Khabib is not an April fool’s joke

Some may be excited by the news that UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has stepped in for an injured Tony Ferguson at UFC 223, but most are disappointed. The Ferg vs Khabib Nurmagomedov lightweight title match up was a real pick ’em fight that hardcore fans wanted to see to settle the dispute of who … Read more

UFC 223 media call with Khabib and Ferguson

In case you missed it, you may have heard about it, possibly… Conor McGregor will be stripped of his lightweight title and the winner of Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov will be the undisputed champion. UFC held a media call ahead of their clash at UFC 223 and it was entertaining for sure. Check it out…

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UFC: Elimination tournaments to return after long absence?

The wants and needs of fans is always the number one consideration when it comes to any event. It is, after all, the fans that purchase the tickets and viewing passes for pay-per-view events, and enable the UFC to continue indefinitely as the definitive institution of mixed martial arts. Regardless, UFC fans of an older … Read more

Max Holloway says it’s Conor not him that starts it

UFC featherweight champ Max Holloway appeared on The MMA Hour and shock of all shocks – Conor McGregor’s name came up. The two have been slamming each other regularly and sometimes with no reason other than just to get their name in the media. Like now. Here’s what Holloway said about the back and forth … Read more

Apparently Floyd Mayweather can wrestle if you believe Floyd Mayweather

Let’s be real here. Floyd Mayweather is still using Conor McGregor to stay in the headlines. It really kicked off when he started claiming he was going to fight the Irishman in the UFC under MMA rules. He’s still teasing it by telling TMZ that he is a “7 out of 10” when it comes to wrestling. Put up or shut up Floyd. Check it out.

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The insane way Conor McGregor is the lineal WWE Brawl for All champion

I’ve seen these lineal title lines before but this one warranted a write up. I do not take credit for this and I will include the video at the end so the originator can get the credit they deserve. WWF Brawl for All was a poorly thought out tough man style event designed to get … Read more

UFC 223 official trailer for Khabib versus Ferguson

UFC 223 will be a blockbuster of a card for two reasons. One is Conor McGregor’s inevitable tirade when they strip him of his lightweight title and two the amount of trash talk between Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Conor over it. The UFC released a trailer for UFC 223 featuring Nurmagomedov and Ferguson called “Nowhere to Hide”. Check it out.

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