Charlie Sheen DESTROYS douche bags Kim K, Kanye in epic rant

Charlie Sheen went on an incredibly epic rant aimed at famous for being famous Kim Kardashian early Tuesday morning, telling her to go “f yourself” for reportedly crushing a little girl’s dreams of meeting her. Sheen said a friend of his, probably high as a kite we are guessing, told him about a sweet little 6-year-old girl who absolutely worshiped the … Read more

Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell: ‘Sorry I’m so f*ck*n hammered’

Sometimes when you meet a celebrity, you’re a little let down because they turn out to be not quite what you expected, or possibly even a d*ck. But if you’re a fan of Charlie Sheen and you were driving through Taco Bell drive-thru the other night, you got a chance to see the 48-year-old former … Read more