Mann Talk – loco plata next

After years of hearing Joe Rogan perk up whenever someone pulls rubber guard in the Octagon, I finally decided to head to Borders and fork over some cash for Eddie Bravo’s Mastering The Rubber Guard. Aside from the book being too big to fit on any normal shelf, it was well worth the money I spent.

While reading through the book, I came across a section called “Go-Go Plata to Loco Plata,” and I was shocked. Shocked, not only because I recognized Bravo’s demonstration partner, Laurence, from an episode of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” but also because the move seems to be the embodiment of Bravo’s other-worldly-pot-smoking creativity.

The idea of wrapping the instep of your foot around someone’s throat and then gripping your toes with your hand is literally a pipe dream in and of itself, but reinforcing with the foot is even more outlandish. So, I simply brushed it off as something clever Eddie came up with and continued to read his book.

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