UFC vet David Heath knocks out Wayne Cole in Freestlye Cage Fighting main event on Aug. 8 – full results

David Heath vs. Wayne Cole - Courtesy of: OKFightNews.com
David Heath vs. Wayne Cole -- photo courtesy of: OKFightNews.com

Freestyle Cage Fighting’s Aug. 8 event took place at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino in Tulsa, Okla. The main event featured UFC veteran David Heath (12-5) taking on IFL, Strikeforce, and EliteXC veteran Wayne Cole (14-11).

Cole was riding high coming into the bout with a first round submission win over legendary kickboxer Rick Roufus back in May. Heath was not impressed, coming into the fight with his own win, a KO over Shane Dezee at FCF’s June event. Heath upped his KO ratio to 50% with a knockout of Cole at 2:42 of the second round.

PRO MMA’s (promma.info) own resident pro fighter blogger Brian Imes (3-2) was in the co-main event, taking on MFC veteran Aron Lofton (7-2). Lofton suprised “The Human Cock Fighter” with a kneebar, ending the fight 1:33 into the first round. Be sure to read Brian’s thoughts about the fight on “The Human Cock Fighter Blog.”

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The Human Cock Fighter Blog – “Knee bar?”

Courtesy of: OKFightNews.com
Knee bar? Early in the first round of my bout with Aron Lofton on Saturday night I found myself semi-comfortably holding half guard from my right hip. My left knee was up to block his right shoulder from dropping shots to my nugget.

The crowd, comprised of 1,497 screaming “Poster Boy” fans, was poised to see their hero inflict damage. I had actually envisioned the fight this way before hand. I rather enjoy a good beating and it helps get me going. But instead of plastering my face with leather, he did what I and most of the crowd least expected him to.

Crafty little devil! You always hear MMA compared to chess. It only looks like chess to the observers. You see, the men involved in the battle are the pieces, and we can’t always foresee or feel the next attack. Apparently, this is what separates the elite from the aspiring.

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The Human Cock Fighter Blog – “I must succeed!”

Here I am in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I write to you from the lobby computer of the Sleep Inn on 33rd Street. I of course do not have my own laptop to type from. I did not arrive here via private plane or even commercial airliner.

No I drove the four hours down Interstate 169 from Kansas City in my maroon 1993 Chevy Silverado. You bet your ass it’s 4-wheel drive. No air conditioning of course; that would make me a pussy. It was just me and the moon and the stars and the corn fields. I was of course listening to country radio, but mostly to my thoughts.

Y’see the last time I drove to Oklahoma was back in April. My opponent was Jon Ott, also from Kansas City. I knew he was a great collegiate wrestler and a strong fella, so of course I wanted to keep the fight on my feet.

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The Human Cock Fighter Blog – “Knockout!”

Hell it’s safer than riding a motorcycle. I can control what goes on in a cage. Punch someone in the face on a Friday night, not get arrested, receive cash for the work and shake hands with appreciative strangers. This is the America my grandfather taught me about. The ultimate exercise of free will. Isn’t that what we cherish most? Hit and get hit: it’s liberating!

Ya see, in a cage there are no lawyers to argue sides or police to protect you. It’s just you and another wild animal. Cage fights are a microcosm of life. You have to look closely to see, but inside that cage are two men fighting themselves.

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In the shadow of a giant: a hillbilly fight story

My first experience with mixed martial arts was November 5, 2005. My family and I made a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to watch my brother, Brad Imes, compete in the Ultimate Finale at The Hard Rock Hotel. My only education into MMA was watching Season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike; of course because Brad was a participant.

In the arena was a who’s who of MMA legends. We saw Chuck Liddell, Nick Diaz, Rich Franklin, Matt Hughes, Diego Sanchez and of course Dana White. I stood between my mother and sister holding on for every swing of Brad’s fifteen minute war with Rashad Evans. In the end it was Rashad who got the split decision victory.

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