Chute Boxe fighter “Cacareco” issues open challenge

When Alexandre Ferreira left his comfortable home at the luta livre-based Brazilian Top Team in 2008, he thought his MMA career was over. He hadn’t trained for eight months, and the five-foot-seven, 205-pound bull of a fighter was ready to call it quits after a decade in the sport.

Ricardo Liborio: from BTT to ATT

Ricardo Liborio started jiu jitsu in Brazil when he was 14 years old. In 1996 he became a world champion in the sport. He was instrumental in starting Brazilian Top Team which was an mma fighting team in Brazil. In 2001 he moved to the United States and opened up American Top Team which was … Read more

Historic MMA Rivalries, part 1: Dream Stage Entertainment vs. Shukan Gendai

Top rivalries in MMA tend to be associated with Gracie-Sakuraba, Emelianenko-Nogueria, Chute Boxe-Brazilian Top Team and so on. The aforementioned competitors touch on just a handful of feuds that helped revolutionize and drive the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. However, not all major MMA rivalries involve two combatants and their camps. Here is one of five rivalries you may not immediately consider when debating MMA.

Dream Stage Entertainment vs. Shukan Gendai
It may be hard to believe that a tabloid magazine could be responsible for bringing down Japan’s premiere MMA organization. However, in 2006 Shukan Gendai (a weekly Japanese tabloid) ran monthly negative campaigns aimed toward Dream Stage Entertainment, PRIDE FC’s parent company.

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