ADCC 2011 video: Vinny Magalhaes vs. Fabrico Werdum – Vinny’s unbreakable arm!

Check out this video footage of Vinny Magalhaes vs. Fabricio Werdum in the ADCC 2011 finals and you will probably be left wondering, “Just what in the world is Vinny Magalhaes’ arm made of?”

Ring of Honor’s Kyle O’Reilly on his MMA training and pro wrestling career – Exclusive talks with Ring of Honor wrestler Kyle O’Reilly about his MMA training, pro wrestling career, and upcoming tag team match Sunday at Death Before Dishonor IX.

Gracie Open 2011: Nate Diaz vs. Matt Darcy *VIDEO*

Although Nate Diaz has a fight coming up next month with Takanori Gomi at UFC 135, the Cesar Gracie brown belt still competed in the annual Gracie Open grappling event. And we’ve got the video!

Bellator signs Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana to middleweight division

Fresh off a 29-second rear-naked choke submission of Doug “The Rhino” Marshall earlier this month, BJJ black belt Giva “The Arm Collector” Santana has signed on with Bellator Fighting Championships.

BJJ instructor Eddie Bravo punks his students *VIDEO*

Imagine yourself in jiu jitsu class and there is one guy who instead of practicing BJJ he keeps doing karate. The instructor tells him he has to leave and a fight ensues. Oh and Cecil Peoples is there too.