The return of Sean’s PS4 Blacklight adventures!

PLATFORM: PS4 Username: seanmcclureky Ladies and gents it’s time for another edition of Sean’s Amazing Stupendous Spectacular Blacklag Migration Tales of Wonder and Astonishment. Yeah, I know it’s alot so we just call it Sean’s Blacklight Adventures on PS4. We will start with the respect section. Every time I write one of these I have … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight pro tips, stories, RaidenReturns receives 1st Yellow Award

Dear BLACKLIGHT RETRIBUTION developers please fix your migration issue and awful lag issues. CRASHLAG MIGRATION is the name I have coined until you fix these issues. Nothing like spending 1000 in game pts to buy a swarm missile only to get migrated, start the map over, and not have the 1000 pts back or the … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs, and stories

Welcome to another column from Blacklight Retribution monster seanmcclureky. If you play the game, you’ve seen the name. I will be broadcasting on Twitch more often soon and the channel name is my player name. First off let me say that it was a tough weekend for me. I almost died last Tuesday by accidentally … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs of the week

I owned the entire PS4 Blacklight Retribution universe this weeked. I came in first 90 percent of the time at a minimum over 20 games. Haters gonna hate. PS4 gamer tag: Seanmcclureky Title: Harbinger of Death PRO TIP #1 First off, I own with so small a number of deaths because I am smart about … Read more