Brendan Schaub not buying the UFC 232 Jon Jones drug test fiasco

Brendan Schaub is one of a long list of people not buying the line the UFC is selling about Jon Jones and his ‘atypical’ drug test results. That single word caused UFC 232 to be moved from Nevada to California where the CSAC cleared him with their own drug testing. UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitsky claims the failure was due to a ‘pulsing’ or an aftershock from Jon’s previous failed drug test back in 2017. Schaub isn’t buying that either. Check out what he said on the Below the Belt podcast about it all.

Chael Sonnen talks about the WWE offer he received due to Silva fight

Brendan Schaub’s podcast ‘Below the Belt’ featured one of our faves, your guy, your ace – Chael. P. Sonnen. The ‘American Gangster’ from the mean streets of Oregon would be a perfect fit for WWE television possibly tagging up with Conor McGregor. Maybe ‘The Irish American Gangsters”? I’m trademarking it. He opened up about the WWE offer he received due to the buzz around him from the Anderson Silva feud. Check it out.