ADHD Review: Superman v. Batman, WB’s desperate spinning

Is Superman v. Batman any good? The short answer is not really. This movie had so much hype around it and just as much concern about Zack Snyder’s ability to muck things up. Man of Steel, the supposed jumpoff for the DC Universe was mediocre and a confusingly dark film. The criticism was mainly that … Read more

Superman unmasks Batman in Gotham exclusive Dawn of Justice clip

A movie that could possibly disappoint on so many levels, at least I hope it won’t… Zack Snyder’s Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice debuted an exclusive sneak peek last night during the TV show Gotham. In what I think is a Bruce Wayne dream sequence, Batman is chained up and then unmasked by Superman. … Read more

Zack Snyder on Batman in Batman v. Superman

Zack Snyder is the DC fan boy hero. He has taken on the challenge of trying to rival Marvel’s superior films despite having mostly darker source material to work with. His biggest challenge to date is next year’s Batman v. Superman. He recently opened up at a ceremony honoring the late Bob Kane, co creator … Read more

Budget for Batman v. Superman is INSANE, League even crazier

According to Latino-Review, the actual freaking budget for┬áBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an unreal $410 million. If this is true, this film will be the most expensive movie ever made – and biggest risk taken by a studio almost assuredly. Based on the lukewarm reception for Superman’s latest, and bloated, standalone film Man … Read more