Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gets three years probation – trying to focus on the positive

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson talks about focusing on the positive things in this new video interview from the OC Register. Jackson, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, was sentenced to three years probation after a much publicized high-speed police chase that ended at gun point in the summer of 2008. Jackson plays “B.A. Baracus” in the … Read more

The A-Team movie trailer featuring Rampage Jackson as B.A. Baracus

Remember that movie Quinton “Rampage” Jackson ducked out of the fight against Rashad Evans to star in? Here it is – The A-Team. Rampage plays the character Master Sergeant Bosco Albert (“B.A.”) Baracus. I always liked “Face” cause he had the cool disguises. Looks like it might be half decent. What do you think? Will … Read more

UFC President Dana White steaming mad at former champ Quinton Jackson

Ramapge is set to star as B.A. Baracus in a new A-Team movie. He was supposed to fight at UFC 107. The UFC President is not happy.
Dana White is mad, but not quite ready to fire Rampage.

UFC President Dana White was recently asked what he thought about the guys that are trying to split their time between acting and fighting. His response was that he hated it.

“I hate it so bad I can’t even tell you how bad I hate it,” said White. “I’m so mad at Rampage over this. Rampage is a guy we’ve obviously taken under our wing the last few years, really like him, have done a lot of good things for him, and for him to do this to me, to pull out and do this goofy A-Team movie, man I’m not happy about it at all.”

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MMA Connected interview with Dana White

In the first part of this two-part interview UFC President Dana White talks about bringing the UFC to Vancouver, the upcoming lightweight title fight between Diego Sanchez and B.J. Penn, Brett Rogers vs. Fedor, Strikeforce, Showtime, Lesnar vs. Carwin, and much more. As usual White pulls no punches.

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson out of UFC 107

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson seems to think his movie role in the A-Team is a higher priority than Rashad Evans.
Rampage seems to think his movie career is a higher priority than fighting Rashad Evans.

It seems Tennessee MMA fans will have to wait longer than expected before they get to see Memphis hometown hero Quinton “Rampage” Jackson come home to fight.

Jackson was originally scheduled to fight Rashad Evans, his opposing coach on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, at UFC 107 on Dec. 12 in Memphis. It is customary for the coaches of the hit Spike TV reality show to face each other in the Octagon at the culmination of each season.

Apparently Jackson has landed the role of B.A. Baracus in a new A-Team movie and there are scheduling conflicts between filming and the time he would need to train for the fight. Jackson has reportedly asked the fight be moved to early 2010.

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