Bat-Gate: Arrow’s Stephen Amell says character could beat Batman

Arrow is a solid hit for the CW network along with the mega hit The Flash. Now, it’s no secret that Arrow has borrowed a LOT from the Batman universe. Ra’s Al Ghul being the most obvious one, but there is a lot more. Naturally, there will be comparisons between his Green Arrow character and … Read more

Did The Flash spoil Zoom’s identity last night?

A lot of things happened last night on The Flash, but besides Harrison getting shot, Vandal Savage appearing, Hawkgirl awakening, Hawkman showing up, Merlyn showing back up, Damian Dark almost killing Oliver, and some other minor details – there was one hint I picked up on immediately! First, Arrow and The Flash are interwoven masterfully … Read more

DC’s new Legends of Tomorrow trailer looks incredible

Prepare for awesomeness. As if The Flash and Arrow weren’t enough awesome for TV we are getting a new superhero show. Legends of Tomorrow features some new, but mostly familiar faces from the above mentioned shows. Legends of Tomorrow is developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, who also executive produce with showrunner … Read more

Excited about the return of ARROW? We are! New video, pics

So we all know Oliver Queen is not dead, let’s be honest. He may have been stabbed by the misguided villain Ra’s al Ghul, but he isn’t dead or the title of the show would be “Not ARROW”. The show resumes next Wednesday and we are amped. Some of the photos that have emerged show Laurel … Read more