Non-Spoiler: Off-Topic, link says they know Negan’s victim in TWD

First off, I know this is off topic, but the speculation of who died at the hands of Negan has apparently been solved. According to this website they claim to have the inside scoop on the entire first episode of Season 7’s return from their cliffhanger that left us all wondering – who the hell did … Read more

Watch the first 2 minutes of The Walking Dead season 5 mid-season premiere

The Walking Dead’s season 5 mid-season premiere airs tonight (Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015) on AMC. Catch the first 2 minutes of the premiere right here. With Bob and Beth now gone and Rick and the group left mourning without a base, where will they find to bunker down, and what will push them on to … Read more

‘Breaking Bad’ coming back?

Bryan Cranston of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” fame admits we never actually saw his character Walter White die on the show. And when CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield asks if we could see Walter White return in some form, say in a “Breaking Bad” movie perhaps, Cranston says, “Never say never.” What do you think, would you like … Read more

Trailer | The Walking Dead returns February 9

Hershel is dead and the Governor’s attack on the prison have allowed the walkers in and put Rick and Carl on the run. It’s total chaos as season four of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 9th. Take a look at this new trailer for the mid-season premiere then let us how you think this season is going to play out.

“UFC Fight Night 21” spotlight: Mario Miranda – exclusive interview

“UFC Fight Night 21: Florian vs. Gomi” takes place Wednesday, March 31, at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C. Making his UFC debut on the card is 30-year-old middleweight Mario Miranda. Miranda is coming into the big leagues with a ton of momentum. He is undefeated, carries a pro MMA record of 9-0, and has … Read more